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LTH breaks down social and cultural barriers to sustainability through stimulating outdoor bilingual learning experiences, celebrating other cultures, exploring the wonders of nature as well as teaching tolerance, solidarity, and empathy for one another and the environment.
At LTH we teach our students to be:

- Sensible

- Adaptive

- Mindful

- Practical

- Empathetic

- Compassionate

- Informed

- Conscientious

- Explorers


LTH’s vision is to inspire children, their families and even local businesses to connect with nature, care for the environment and celebrate the diversity of our multicultural world.


We believe in:

  • Teaching respect for Nature and the Environment through Discovery

  • Teaching how to do “our part” to sustain the Planet

  • Exposing children to life cycles and allowing them to experience them first hand

  • Respect and awareness of other languages and cultures

  • Delivering multicultural lessons that weave English and Spanish together 

    • Our students learn how to identify and trace numbers, letters, words, and sounds in both languages. 

    • They sing and dance in a bilingual atmosphere, using affirmations to inspire and encourage positive attitudes in one another. 

    • During lesson time they learn how to count the days in each month of the year, how to make sense of time, the weather, and their surroundings. They learn addition and subtraction amongst other core topics such as basic principles of science and history throughout the day.

    • We let the children lead much of the discussions we have, answering their questions with age-appropriate answers that prompt further interest as well as curiosity.

    • Above all else, our children are taught to appreciate and value all the wonders and teachings the world as to offer.

  • ​​​Encouraging our Little Tree Huggers to always be and do their very best in whatever way that looks like for them.

  • Teaching patience and self-regulation to better prepare them for the nuanced experiences they will share inside and outside the classroom.

    • To accomplish this, we provide guided group meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques to better center their minds bodies for a successful day. Whenever a child shares something from home or we observe behavior at school that appears to be challenging, we communicate with parents in full transparency and with a willingness to adapt our curriculum to better suit their child’s needs. We execute this in such a way that is applicable to the whole class and benefits us all. 

  • Supporting freedom of expression during outdoor playtime.

    • Each teacher has a group of 6 students that they monitor in their respective areas, following along at an appropriate distance wherever the children go.

    • During group tasks and activities, such us cleaning the coop and feeding the animals, our students learn how to enjoy a job well done, important lessons of responsibility and the power of teamwork. They feel rewarded for all they accomplish as do we.

  • Interactions focused on cooperative learning and sharing

  • Discipline through Redirecting

  • Multicultural Celebrations

  • Tailoring curricula to fit you and your child’s needs and interests

LTH currently operates out of two adjacent locations in beautiful Leesburg, Virginia, just 35 miles outside of Washington D.C. Our horse country properties features rolling hills, picturesque brooks, beautiful woods, multiple pastures, and open, natural play areas.

20583 Gleedsville Rd. is our original 3 acre location & homeroom for 12 children and 40337 Gap Rd., with and additional 4 acres of nature preserve and classroom space, serves as our second homeroom for 12 additional children.

The Gleedsville Homeroom and Gap Homeroom are filled on a first come first serve basis. However, students participate in regular field trips and conduct enrichment activities at each location.  

 We also have a fully functioning historic chicken coop and a completely restored, mid-nineteenth century bank barn and stable. Most importantly, LTH is an official Wildlife Sanctuary, recognized by the Loudoun Nature Conservancy, the Audubon Society, and the National Wildlife Federation! 

Our location is minutes away from downtown Leesburg and 0.75 miles from Route 15. Tucked away at the intersection of Gleedsville and Gap Roads, it's just a quick turn, a small dip onto our private driveway, and you're there!

Look out for our hand-painted Little Tree Huggers sign on either road!


  • Organic growing, recycling & composting

  • Creating natural pigments

  • Repurposing art

  • Scavenger hunts & nature walks

  • Camping experiences

  • Cooking adventures


Education & Discovery

  • Story time

  • Writing

  • Dramatic play & fine arts

  • Music & movement

  • Math

  • Science

  • Geography & history

  • Show & Tell



And much more!

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