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Miss Lia D. Johnnson

Lia D. Johnson

Founder, Director, Lead Educator

Lia originally hails from the beautiful country of Argentina, where she learned to appreciate nature and care for the environment from a young age. She studied Fine Arts and Political Science at university level for three years, and in 1989 she left Argentina to travel the world with her husband George.


During her travels, she studied Fine Arts and Early Childhood Education in Germany, at Central Texas College, and the Delaware College of Art and Design (which was part of the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC). She also raised three wonderful children of her own during this time who now help her at Little Tree Huggers today.

With a combined twenty-six years of training* in fine arts and early childhood education, Lia has settled in Leesburg, Virginia where she founded and directs Little Tree Huggers Preschool and continues to devote herself to early childhood education. She is passionate about the arts, embracing all cultures, and taking care of our planet.​

*Click the link for more about Lia's credentials!

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